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       Our love and attention is focused on children

       with disabilities and their families

       Our Vision
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        Through regular camps for children and mothers,

       we encourage, equip and strengthen their bond.

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      We believe that each child is wonderfully created

      and loved by God

      Home Visits
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      Enabling children with disabilities to live life to the full.

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      Support our work and give your kids,

      handmade wooden toys to play with.

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Start your journey as you walk
alongside children with disabilities...


The Need

There are many children with disabilities without access to regular therapy and who do not have equipment.

The Workshop

We design and manufacture in house wooden products that are affordable and durable.

The Result

More than 1'000 children equipped and supported through our outreach program by our therapists and councellors.

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What We Do

Timion is a non-profit dedicated to working with marginalized children with disabilities in South Africa.
With love we provide handmade equipment such as standing frames, walkers, etc.
Our team delivers the equipment directly to homes and provides therapeutic as well as psychological assistance.

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